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Welcome to the website of the Roanoke Valley Soccer Officials Association. This website contains information intended for and related to soccer officials affiliated with the Roanoke Valley Soccer Officials Association.


Winter 2014 Clinic list

This is a listing of this winter’s re-certification classes and new referee classes:  Only a few are currently signed up and 12 is the minimum.

2014 USSF Re-Certification Classes

Re-Certification 02/08/2014 Roanoke College @ 8:00 AM as part of our annual Workshop
Re-Certification 03/02/2014 @ Lynchburg College 1:00PM
Re-Certification 03/8/2014 Massengill Auditorium @ Roanoke College 1:00 PM

Students must preregister by following the instructions at Pay the $65 fee by online credit card. The registration process takes two days so please start before your clinic date. Note once you enter this web site, scroll down until you see “2014 REFEREE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN” and follow the instructions listed below.

As always you can view these clinics and more at

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High School Time Periods

All Varsity: 40 minute halves plus two 5 minutes OT’s if needed

JV’s : 30 minute halves with NO OT’s There are some exceptions. Home matches for William Fleming, Patrick Henry and Franklin County will play 35 minute halves with two 5 minutes OT’s if needed.

Middle School’s: 25 Minutes halves plus a 10 minute extra period.

Private Schools Sub Varsity: 30 Minute halves.

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RVSOA Scholastic Soccer Match Policy - 2012 - List of Schools

Here are the schools under current contracts that the RVSOA Scholastic Policy refers to (All Middle schools feeding these High Schools, other than the Piedmont District, are to be assigned by RVSOA only as well):

River Ridge District ( Blacksburg , Cave Spring, Christiansburg, Hidden Valley,Pulaski, Salem)

Blue Ridge District (Alleghany, Lord Botetourt, Northside, Staunton River , William Byrd, Rockbridge)

Piedmont District (Bassett, Magna Vista, Martinsville , Patrick County )

Western Valley District ( Franklin County , Patrick Henry, William Fleming)

Three Rivers District ( Auburn , Floyd, Giles, Glenvar, Radford)

Pioneer District ( Bath , James River )

Private Schools (Carlisle, Christian Heritage, Dayspring Christian Academy, Faith Christian, North Cross, Roanoke Catholic, Roanoke Christian)

Organizations with reciprocal agreements are:

Blue Ridge Soccer Officials Association
Shenandoah Soccer Officials Association

Please contact Mark or the board with any questions PRIOR to working any games that you are unsure about.

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Advice to Referees Manual from US Soccer

Here is a great resource available as a free download, or for a small cost as a hard copy.

It has the Advice to Referees, the ten directives, etc.  Check it out!

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Coach’s Badges and rosters

Please remember to talk to the coaches before your games and collect rosters as needed and make sure they have their badge.  This message came from Roanoke County as they are having some issues with coaches not wearing the badges:

This is a reminder that all teams should have at least one coach on the sidelines during practice and games with a visible ID Badge.  We’ve gotten several calls that coaches are not wearing their Badge.  Please take this as your last warning, if we continue to get reports of coaches not wearing their ID Badge we may take more severe action.  This program has been set up to ensure parents that their child’s coach/es has passed a background check and hopefully will give them some peace of mind with whom they are entrusting their children with.

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Ref Pay is becoming Mandatory as of Sept 2009

Here is what you need to know:

Downloadable PDF file: Click here for PDF form

RefPay Guide (word Doc): Click Here for Guide

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Mercy Rule

The Blue Ridge, River Ridge, Three River and Piedmont Districts are using the Mercy Rule this year for JV and Varsity soccer (Boys and Girls)

JV-8 goal lead with 15 minutes (or less) left in game

V-8 goal lead with 20 minutes (or less) left in game.

This applies to games played by two teams within the same district. 

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Tax Document

Here is a document that is helpful for preparing your taxes for last year, or at least some good ideas of what receipts to keep for next year


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2008 Memorandum, supplemental law changes

Please read the new wording on certain laws here.

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U-14 Time Periods

WE have had a problem with the REC, U-14 time periods!!!!!  Please READ the following carefully:  Roanoke County and Roanoke City games will play 25 minute halves, HS sub rule.  Salem City and Botetourt County are playing 12 minute quarters, subs at the end of each quarter.  There is no change in NURSA house league games

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YouTube Clip of the Month

How not to save a pk

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About Roanoke Valley

Picture of the Roanoke Star.The Roanoke Valley in southwest Virginia is an area adjacent to and including the Roanoke River between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Appalachian Plateau to the west. The valley includes much of Roanoke County, parts of eastern Montgomery County, and two independent cities; Roanoke City and Salem.

Roanoke City (The Star City of the South) is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The City of Roanoke is adjacent to the city of Salem and the town of Vinton and is otherwise surrounded by, but politically separate from, Roanoke County. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 94,911. By 2006, the city's population is estimated to be 92,328; if the population trends of the past six years continue, the city will have a smaller population than Roanoke County in the 2010 census.

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